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No Fault Parenting  A Practical Guide to Day-
to-Day Life with Children Under Six

No-Fault Parenting collects hundred of good ideas from
parents.  It covers sleep, eating, shopping, siblings,
travel, values, and more.  
It approaches parenting from these perspectives:

    Clarify objectives.
    Change the environment.
    Change attitudes.
    Change parental behavior.
    Adopt tolerance.

We'd write some parts of this book differently if we were
writing it now, but it still contains lots of good information
and ideas.  It's out of print, but used copies are available
through abebooks.com or amazon.com.

Facts on File, New York, 1984, 460 pages

Per the
New England Journal of Medicine at the time of
publication:  " It is much sounder and better written than
anything else in this category since Spock's original
Is This a Phase by Helen F. Neville
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Is This a Phase? Child Development and Parent Strategies, Birth to 6 Years
Realistic expectations make life easier for everyone.  This easy-to-use
reference for busy people keeps you up-to-date with fast-changing needs and

Silver medal in the 10th annual Book of the Year, 2007
ForeWord magazine (parenting category)

Parenting Resources Winner  2008
The National Parenting Publications Awards for Parenting Resources (NAPPA)

American Library Journal:  "recommended for all public libraries"  
Temperament Tools  Working with Your Child's Inborn Traits

Have you noticed that kids aren’t all the same?

"I stumbled across this book at my library, and it has helped me understand
my daughter more than any other book. The practical explanations of
temperament traits are excellent. But better yet are the "temperamental"
descriptions of the different children--my daughter is Tiganda Tiger 100 %!
My husband and I have used many of the techniques recommended for
dealing with our daughter and found them to be very successful. I have
become such a convert that I am now teaching temperament traits to my
students in middle school."
Mommy I have to Go Potty! A Parent's Guide to Toilet Training
This popular book by Jan Faull, M.ED. has been updated (2009)  by
Helen F. Neville.

The new edition includes how inborn temperament affects toilet
training, as well as a chapter on very early training.  
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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Parenting Press. For more information, see:

       What to Do About Sleep--12 Months to 5 Years

       ADHD Medications: How to Decide Whether or Not to Use Them
Original edition of Temperament Tools
published in 1998

Out of print.  Used copies available

Updated & Revised 2015
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