TemperamentTools.com          Helen F. Neville, B.S., R.N.
                     Want to consult about how to adapt  
    your parenting strategies to your child's inborn traits?  

The strategies which work best are the ones that are tailored to each child's
inborn temperament. Together, we can determine your child's inborn traits
and identify the most effective ways to manage behavior.

I prefer to work by  telephone (rather than e-mail) because I find it is much
more efficient to discuss issues rather than write about them. Many parents
find that a single temperaent-based consult helps them see their child in a
new light. This understanding enables them to more effectively manage
futures issues on their own.


Age Range:  Birth through 8+ years.  

Cost:  $80 per hour ( $20 for a quarter hour).  No one turned away from
lack of funds.  

Appointments:  Send me an e-mail with some times that work for you.
I’ll return your e-mail with an appointment time and the phone # at which you
can call me.  I make some calls on evenings and weekends.  
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Consults also available via Skype

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